GETROLFING the Rolfing and consulting practice of Adam Mentzell

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What to Expect

Is it Painful? 

Rolfing has an age old reputation for being painful. This myth is no longer true, at least not in my practice. Your level of comfort is paramount. Most clients report  that the work feels like satisfying deep pressure that usually leads to a sense of ease or release. While the work can sometimes be quite direct and deep, we find a way to navigate that always respects your level of comfort.

Rolfing Sessions

Sessions are 60-65 minutes and are spaced a week or more apart in most cases. Sessions typically begin with a standing structural analysis where I look for patterns, assess function, and observe changes session to session. Hands-on work is done on a comfortable table as well as seated. Clients are actively engaged in the process of sessions, and unlike most other forms of bodywork, you will be asked to participate by moving in specific ways that increase the effectiveness of the hands-on work.

As fascia is lengthened it allows the muscles to move more efficiently. The practitioner will apply pressure to the fascia, working the entire body in a systematic way. The client participates in the process by moving, breathing and releasing the holding patterns within the connective tissue, allowing the innate balance of the body to become the teacher. When restricted fascia is released and lengthened the body can return to its structurally optimal position. In addition to physical manipulation, Rolfing includes education in using your realigned body properly, and exploration of the emotional issues that may arise as your body changes.

What to wear 

Your comfort is paramount. Here are some suggested possibilities for what to wear to sessions. Women – running shorts and a jog bra, two piece bathing suit or underwear. Men – running shorts, underwear.