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What is Rolfing?

Realign.  Optimize.  Perform

“I think Rolfing can be a great way to get more in touch with your body and change long-standing problems of bad posture and chonic pain (like back pain). It can also release repressed emotions as we dissipate habitual muscle tension.”
-Andrew Weil, M.D.

Rolfing structural integration is a scientifically validated manual therapy that re-aligns and balances the body by lengthening and repositioning fascia (connective tissue) through movement, pressure and education. Rolfing seeks to systematically unwind chronic strain and bring the client into easier and more natural ways of moving, sitting, standing and being. Through this powerful process changes occur on the structural, functional and energetic levels leading to a new sense of freedom and ease of being.

When our bodies are subjected to stress, whether from a fall, injury in an auto accident or chronic emotional stress our bodies contract. We have all felt this. If the stress persists our bodies begin to lay down fibers of connective tissue to reinforce the strain and compressed areas in our body. Over time, this process of thickening in our body gives us our familiar shape – the stooped shoulders, tight neck of computer workers nd the shortened stiff back from all of us spending too much time sitting in a chair.

Using a hands-on approach, Adam Mentzell can reverse this process of thickening and restore ease and mobility to the body.

Dr. Rolf’s big discovery was that this connective tissue that gets laid down in the body in response to strain can be changed. It is plastic and it can be reformed by an intelligent use of the hands to separate and lengthen these thickened areas in the body.

The problem with aging is that all of the stress that has happened to us in life gets compounded by gravity pulling us down. Fortunately this process can be reversed or at least lessened substantially with Rolfing, which has been called instant yoga because the results happen so quickly.

The continual pull of gravity, the stress of daily activities and physical injuries can pull the body out of alignment. The fascia gradually shortens, tightens and adjusts to accommodate the misalignment. When the body is out of alignment it creates inefficiency and imbalance resulting in stiffness, discomfort and loss of energy.

When a body is aligned and balanced it moves with greater ease. It requires less energy to function. Good posture is effortless and breathing is easier. The body becomes more flexible, more coordinated and athletic performance improves.