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More about Adam

Adam studied Rolfing, structural integration, at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. He is certified in the highest level that the institute offers – Certified Advanced Rolfer, and has been in full -time practice since 2001. He has been a long time instructor at the Rolf Institute and was appointed to the faculty in 2011.

Adam Mentzell brings a unique and diverse background to his work as a Rolfer. He has worked professionally as an Exercise Physiologist and Health Educator for many years. He was formerly Operations and Fitness Director for Cooper Healthcare Services in Southern New Jersey where he helped to create a state of the art wellness and rehabilitation facility in the mid 1980′s. During this time, Adam worked with a wide variety of populations including: individuals recovering from heart disease, musculo-skeletal injuries, and elite athletes in a variety of sports. In the late 90′s Adam served as General Manager of Boulder’s Pulse Fitness Center in Boulder, CO.

His passion for personal growth and transformation led him to work for Sounds True, Inc., a multimedia publishing company where he was Work/Life Director and served on the company executive committee.

He has been a long time student, and occasional teacher, of meditation. He has studied with a variety of teachers both in the US and Burma. He taught Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction after training with Jon Kabatt-Zinn, Ph.D. in 1994. His contemplative practice informs his work as a Rolfer, believing that Rolfing can be a gateway to a deeper sense of embodiment and awareness.

An avid competitive endurance athlete for three decades Adam currently is rekindling his passion for competitive road cycling and will be racing with the RealD Amgen Masters cycling team next season. He competed at a high level in triathlons beginning as a high schooler in 1982 and continued competing in half Ironman and Inronman distance races until 1990. Over the years, Adam has worked with many competitive athletes (from scholastic to elite level) first as an exercise physiologist and then later as a Rolfer.